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October 18, 2014

I wish I would have started journaling sooner but I didn’t realize how hectic mom life is nor did I think I’d be so busy and time would fly by so fast. I also want to write my birth story soon on here because I had the most beautiful labor and delivery. Anyways, silas is just a gem. He is the most mellow baby. It’s almost as if my grandfathers libra spirit is living through him. He was a peacemaker. A lover. A gentle being. As silas is. He is a thinker too. He is intelligent. He is independent already. He is my pride and joy. He is only two weeks and wanting to roll over already. His head is practically almost staying up by itself too. My mother says he will be advanced and that I am lucky because he is the most calm baby she’s ever encountered. I knew that before he came earth side though as his spirit was with me all along. I am loving our time together. I feel complete for once. This was what I was searching for. This is what I needed. On another note, he’s nursing really well. One week old and he was already up a pound. He is now almost 9lbs which is great because his cloth diapers will fit better sooner. Birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding were never as difficult as everyone warned me about but maybe that’s because I channeled my inner warrior goddess weeks prior as if I was preparing to run a marathon. I’ll write more about the birth soon but postpartum has been great. I didn’t even need to fill the Percocet and Ibuprofen prescription they gave me before leaving the hospital. I partly did this because I don’t want the poison in my house but also because I have too much pride (which also kept me from getting an epidural). As far as breastfeeding goes, well that might be my favorite part so far (as well as cloth diapering). I can give him something no one else can. It’s beautiful and he is a natural. I’m in such a good place right now, still on an oxytocin trip…birth was dream like and I can still feel him exiting me as if it was yesterday. I could live it over and over again-it is that special to me.

I’m going to start journaling my motherhood journey on this blog.

Took silas in to the spirit within u where Isis blessed him. Enjoy this beautiful chakra art that caught my eye ✨🙏🔮 (at The Spirit Within U)

the only pre-baby bottoms that fit around my hips. need to go thrifting asap 🌟💫 #2weekspostpartum #nothingfits

What do your parents think of the name you chose for your bambino?

My moms cool with it but my dad thinks it’s kind of weird and just call him “the baby” lol

I think I love my body more postpartum than I ever did pre-baby. #bodypositivity #2weekspostpartum

the last pregnancy photo and then today. #40weeks #42weeks #silasapollo

silas is having his second breakfast. these past two weeks have been dream-like ✨🔮🌟

our current cloth diaper stash + 5 more on the way. #makeclothmainstream


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